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Love your bankroll as much as you love betting – Money management tips

Managing your bankroll is one of the most important things you can do when gambling online. It might even be the most important, and it applies whether you are playing at a casino, sports betting, playing bingo, in other words, all gaming. Successful management will keep the gambling fun and entertaining, even if you are not always winning because we can’t win them all. With that in mind, we have put together a few money management tips to help keep your bankroll in check.

Set a Realistic Limit

This is definitely the first thing you need to do before even thinking of gambling and is the most important rule to follow. When participating in online gaming you need to treat it like an expense or a form of entertainment like any other and have a limit. You would never buy a car you couldn’t afford, or book a holiday that was far too expensive and gambling is the same. One of the key money management tips here is to never gamble online or in real life with more money than you are prepared to lose. Of course, we never play to lose, but it can happen to any of us despite our best efforts. The most successful sports bettors in the world, with in-depth sports betting tips, can do well but they don’t always win. So to keep it fun make sure to set a realistic limit and stick to it.

Don’t Blow it all at Once

Make sure when you are placing bets that you aren’t placing all of your eggs, or a significant percentage of them at least, in one basket. It is easy for newer players to use too much of their bankroll up in a single bet, which if it doesn’t come in leaves little for the rest of the betting session. Break down your bankroll into daily and weekly limits. Or if you have budgeted a certain amount for a Saturday of sports betting don’t blow it all on the favourite in the first race, even if you are really really sure they are going to win. The same goes for money management casino visits. Space the time out, have some fun, and make sure that your set budget is going to last as long as you are planning on staying there for.

Keep A Record of Spending

This may seem obvious but it is easy to lose track of your betting over a longer period of time and have an unrealistic estimate of income and outgoings. Some have a tendency to be over-optimistic and spend more than they are aware of, while others are over cautious, spending far less than their limit meaning they are missing out on more potential money making opportunities. Gamblers that are successful in the long term and manage their bankroll well often keep accurate written records of losses and wins so everything is crystal clear and their budgets are being followed.


If you are betting successfully and your bankroll is rising, it makes good sense to withdraw your original bankroll amount. This is a big psychological boost because then what you are playing with is pure profit – it’s the house’s money essentially. Then if you build the bankroll up again you can make another withdrawal and so on. Keep in mind not to get overconfident and throw away good money on silly wishful bets because it doesn’t feel like it is your money or losing it won’t matter. It will still hurt if you lose money unnecessarily, cause emotions to rise and that then leads us to our next point.

Don’t Get Emotional

This applies to the positive and negative feelings people can get when gambling. When some people are winning they get a rush as if their luck is in and they can’t lose and can easily make unnecessary overconfident bets. If the high starts to fade they can then go on to chase it which can lead to more bad bets. The same goes for other people when they are losing. They can go on tilt, or get angry, or even desperate when trying to win their money back which can be a dangerous state to be in and end up in even bigger losses that blow the bankroll completely. It is best to keep a level head when winning as much as possible – enjoy it, but don’t let the buzz dictate your betting. Likewise, if you find yourself getting overly negative, take a break, walk away and reassess the situation once you have cooled off.


Sports betting and casino bankroll management is one of the most important factors in keeping gambling fun and being successful at it in the long term. Make sure to strictly limit your bankroll, stick to it, and work methodically on building it up.

Find out the Relationship between Omaha and Texas Hold’em poker

Most players who have played Texas Hold’em for a long time assume the same rules apply to Omaha; it is not true. While these poker games are somewhat related, Omaha requires a unique mastery of skill. It is commonly referred to as Pot limit Omaha (PLO), and is a type of community card poker game that mimics Texas Hold’em where players are dealt four cards and use only two to make the best hand. To some players, like those in North America, Omaha comprises several poker variants – Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha/8, and in Europe, there is the pot limit and no-limit Omaha.

Texas hold’em only became popular in the 2000’s due to exposure on the internet, television and famous literal works. Experts attributed the growth to the game’s ability to allow players to determine strategy and make decisions using the hole cards in hand. Before then, the game was just one of the many online poker games played in casinos. The objective of Texas Hold’em is to control the pot, depending on the hand the player is holding. While both Texas holde’em and Omaha have similar layouts of community cards and betting rounds, they have notable differences in the rules, starting hands and structure, among other features.

How to Play Omaha Poker

All the players are dealt four private cards, but there are five community cards dealt face-up on the board. The players use three community cards along with two of their hole cards to make a five-card poker hand. If you are playing the no-limit or the Pot limit Omaha, the game is based on the size of the blind. A $1/$2 Omaha game has a big blind of $2 and a small blind of $1. Betting commences from the player sitting on the left of the big blind.

How to Play Texas Holdem

The operator deals two hole cards face down to all the players. These cards are dealt randomly hence, the player does not have control over the cards he receives. Five community cards are then dealt face up in three stages; the flop, the turn and the river. Every player makes the best five-card poker hand combination along with their two hole cards. The players then make bets before the flop is dealt and the player with the best hand and has not yet folded wins the pot. Two players can also win the hand thus, splitting the award. The game also ends when all but one of the players have folded thus, abandoning any claim to the pot.

Omaha vs Holdem

The Starting Hands

The most notable difference between Hold’em and Omaha is that the latter has fewer starting hands. In Omaha, the player is dealt four cards but only starts with two. It means that if two players have equal hands, one only has a 60-40 advantage over his counterpart. In Hold’em, however, one player has an 80-20 lead over the other player. As such, players are more likely to experience more flops in Omaha than in Texas Hold’em. According to experts, inexperienced players should avoid playing too many hands until they have obtained reasonable experience in playing Omaha.

The Gameplay

As earlier highlighted, Omaha deals four cards to players, but only two are used to make hands. The more the hands, the easier it is to make bigger hands. Most players say that Omaha generates a lot of action compared to Hold’em. Usually, an inexperienced player does not want to fold and wants to keep on playing since he does not understand the strength of the hand. For example, AA is a strong hand in Omaha and Hold’em, but the other two hole cards dealt to the player determine the gameplay in Omaha. In most scenarios the AAxx is not as strong as the AA in Holdem; however, beginners overplay the hand in Omaha, thinking it increases their chances of winning.

Player’s Position

It determines how to play Omaha poker and Hold’em. A late position in Hold’em allows the player to gather as much information about the game compared to his opponents. In Omaha, the late position also allows the player to obtain reasonable control over the pot. Thus, if you make an early position, your opponents are more likely to make larger bets just to beat you. Players are warned against raising pre-flop in an early position when playing Omaha.

The Level of Risk

In Omaha, you are more likely to risk the entire stack than in Hold’em. This is because players allow the cards in the deck to determine the outcome, which makes Omaha such an action game than Hold’em.

The game to make you love betting even more – H.O.R.S.E Poker!

Would you like to learn how to play horse poker? Are you already playing horse poker online and would like to see some useful horse poker tips? Then you have just found the right article! Read through the following sections for an overview of how to play horse poker that will help you play poker online better and achieve profitable results.

Horse poker online is an increasingly popular alternative among players who want to shake things up and diversify their options when they play poker online. It can be both a way to improve your poker skills as well as your understanding of the game in general. In case you’re trying to figure out how to player horse poker, chances are you already know how to play it! This isn’t a new game up poker, but rather one that combines several popular poker games together.

What exactly is horse poker online and why should you try playing it?

Simply put, horse poker online is a mix of five well known games; everyone who can play poker online is likely familiar with all of these separate games, since they’re the most popular poker variants out there. Each letter in the HORSE stands for a different poker game, and to play horse poker online means that you’ll alternate and rotate through all these five games in a fixed limit format.

Each round in a game of horse poker is also known as an orbit, since it revolves around a different game of poker. So while playing horse poker you’ll actually go through separate rounds for the five following poker games, one right after the other:

H: the first round is a game of Texas Hold’em

O: The second round is Omaha Hi

R: The third round is Razz, also known as Low 7-Card Stud

S: The fourth round is Stud, also known as High 7-Card Stud

E: The fifth round is Eith-or-Better, also known as Stud Hi-Lo

In other words, you should already be familiar with all these five poker games if you want to be able to play horse poker! If not, you may want to start by brushing up on the rules for each separate poker game, since that will make things easier for you. We have written separate articles to help you understand how to play all the different styles of poker you have to know about to play horse poker online.

Not only is horse poker online a fun game to play if you want to solidify your knowledge of the most popular poker games out there, but it is also a nice mental challenge –as you have to cultivate some flexibility to be able to quickly alternate between the reasoning most suitable for each separate game. You will find this kind of exercise can be positively stimulating, and it will help you become a stronger opponent whenever you play poker online.

Are there any useful horse poker tips to keep in mind when you play poker online?

Since horse poker involves five different games, the first and most obvious horse poker tips to keep in mind is to clearly learn the rules to each of the separate games. While this should sound like an obvious requirement, you’ll be surprised to notice that many people sitting for a game of horse online are not fully clear on all the rules for each game! While a bit shocking at first, this realization will also suggest to you that you can really edge up on the crowd by simply improving your understanding of each of the give games that you will orbit through while playing horse.

While there are five different games involved, learning the rules to each separate game is not really that challenging, since it’s essentially still poker playing in slightly different variations. By working just a little on developing a strong grasp of all five games, you will find that most opponents will come across as very soft to you, especially in the less known R, S and E orbits! You can absolutely use this to your advantage; since a little work on each of these games (Studd, Razz, and Eight-or-Better) will help you secure a strong competitive edge and easily overcome other players.

You should also find best results by playing the biggest pots in the aforementioned games, since typically in most online HORSE sessions, that’s where most players will fall apart and play with little attention and effort. This is something you may want to use to your advantage!

What is over-under betting and when should you be doing it?

In a nutshell, over-under betting is a type of bet that a bookmaker has offered on the combined total of a specific statistic in a single game. Football scores are popular so let’s take a look at an example for a clearer understanding. Let’s say that Liverpool is playing Manchester United and the bookmakers have offered a 2.5 line. If the game ends and two goals were scored (by either team, it is irrelevant who scored the goals or who won), if you had bet under the line you can collect your winnings. If you thought more goals would have been scored in the game and bet over the line, then obviously you were not a winner this time.

Over-under betting is extremely common now and is growing in popularity as bookmakers offer more and more diverse statistics to bet on. You can find bets on football corners, tennis aces in a game, rugby penalties, anything. In this article we will concentrate on football scores for simplicity’s sake. There is a multitude of sports and statistics to bet over-under on and you will have no trouble finding your favourite sport at a bookmakers and when sports betting online.

What is the betting line?

The betting line is the cut-off point to provide the options for betting under or over. With football scores for example you will be able to find lines starting at 0.5 up to 5.5 and beyond. With other sports, bookmakers will make it clear what betting lines they have chosen for a game. Lines of 1.5 or less may offer lower odds as it will be more likely that a game will have more than 2 goals compared to a game having 6 or more (for a 5.5 line). Lower betting lines can still be profitable particularly if you use then in as part of an accumulator to make decent money.

Lines greater than 2.5 will generally pay out better odds as the likelihood of so many goals scored in a game decreases. This can definitely work to your advantage if a game is coming up that is very one sided or if both teams are likely to score a lot of goals.

The great thing about over-under betting is that it really does not matter who wins, or who scores the goals. Just as long as you have predicted the right side of the betting line you will make money. This types of bets might even help you place more winners, because if you don’t care who wins or loses you can pick more rationally if you don’t have an emotional connection to the game.

A couple of Tips


The more in depth and detailed your research is the greater the likelihood you will pick the right bet. Of course this goes for all forms of betting but it is particularly the case with over-under betting. For example don’t just look at the average goals scored in games over a set period of time and conclude that is the best indicator. A couple of huge scoring games can make the overall average way higher than it possible should be. So calculate an average minus any extraordinary scores that really stand out.

Scoring and winners

It may feel odd but you must keep in mind while researching that it doesn’t matter one bit who wins or loses, or which team is more likely to do so. The main thing to consider is the goal scoring potential. This includes things like shots on goal, conversion rates and shots on target. Getting the most in depth understanding of goal scoring potential will help you make more money with your picks.

In Conclusion

Over-under betting is an excellent option to have when sports betting online or on the high street. It can be less heart-breaking then when having to pick a winner, and low line bets are fantastic as part of an accumulator. So bottom line – when to make over-under bets? Any time is a good time provided you have done your research and are confident with your choices.

Betting now sports colossal jackpots similar in size to those found at casinos

Do you like to spend time at UK casino sites and doing a little sports betting here and there? Then you surely know about the diverse opportunities for entertainment available in these kinds of websites. But do you realize there are sports betting jackpots out there that stand shoulder to shoulder with the biggest online casino jackpots? The on-line betting industry is now so massive that its biggest money prizes often overshadow anything else available in traditional lotteries and casinos.

If you haven’t been paying attention to these matters, you may be surprised to learn about popular services such as Colossus bets. Simply put, this is a pool betting system that makes it likelier for you to have a shot at the biggest sports jackpots available out there. Even though sports betting does involve a little skill and solid understanding of the related sports, that also means you have a chance of using your passion towards big league sports to your benefit.

Skilfull Sports Enthusiasts Should Look For Sports Betting Jackpots!

On-line sports betting are a great option for true sports enthusiasts who are looking to capitalize on their expertise and knowledge. When you start looking into the available options, you quickly realize there are hundreds of book keepers online covering essentially every sport that you can think of, no matter of obscure or how widespread. Obviously though, the biggest prizes tend to be associated to the most popular sports, since that’s where the most people put their money – let’s not forget the available prizes are always the product of the combined bets at any given time.

If you are interested in online sports betting and you want a chance of winning the best available prizes, then you have to look for progressive jackpots – not many people realize such a thing exists in terms of sports betting, and it is indeed possible to get massive winnings by stringing a long series of correct predictions. To improve your odds of nabbing the biggest profits, you may want to look into pool betting sites like Colossus bets, which allow players to maximize opportunities by selecting from a series of possible outcomes in popular sports events. There are different pool betting types available from this provider, ranging from the fan favorite Asian Handicap to basics such as predicting the correct score, to guessing over and under combined scores, and simply predicting the outcome of a string of matches.

Why Online Casino Jackpots Are Your Best Bet to Win Large

At the time of writing, the biggest online casino jackpot ever awarded amounted to a very substantial £15 million, awarded to one Jon Heyhood from Cardiff UK while he was playing the popular slots game Mega Moolah. According to the Guiness World of Records, this lucky British solder happened across the biggest progressive jackpot ever awarded from on-line lotteries while casually enjoying some slots at the well-known Betway online gambling website.

In fact, this online based prize was so huge that you’ll be hard pressed to find similar numbers available from any other game of chance available out on the “real world”. It’s amazing to think how this prize essentially boiled down to nothing but pure luck! It could have been you, pushing that fateful button that triggered the winning sequence at that particular point in on-line gambling history! With that in mind, for anyone who wants a shot at the biggest prizes that involve the least effort, progressive jackpot slots likely remain the best available option. To stay focused on the best opportunities, you just have to look for the most popular slots like Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, and of course… Mega Moolah. Prize pools are growing as we speak.

UK Casino Sites are Now Offering Some of The Biggest Prizes Available Anywhere!

These are great times for people who like to play games of chance online, as the industry has grown so large its biggest prizes now easily outshine anything else available offline. If you want to get a chance of winning large, you have two main courses of action: keep testing your luck by looking for the biggest online jackpots available, or add your skill to the mix by focusing on the biggest sports betting jackpot opportunities. Which option suits you best?

Whatever your preference is, make sure to enjoy these games in a responsible fashion and remember: if your main goal is having fun, you will be unlikely to get disappointed even if you don’t become the next online casino multi-millionaire!

The Difference Between Betting and Gambling, and Why It Matters!

Sports betting online can be really fun, and if you know what you’re doing it can even be a profitable way to spend your time. Getting the most of a sports bet UK website requires deep understanding of sports, but it’s also worth spending some time learning about some very important key terms.

For example, many people aren’t quite clear on the difference between betting and gambling. While at first look it may sound like an unimportant distinction, truth is there is a crucial difference between these terms, as you’ll learn in this article. We’ll also dispense some useful advice for anyone who’s invested in doing sports bet UK of any kind, so if that’s your case, make sure to read carefully.

The Crucial Difference Between Gambling online and Betting

To make this article clear and simple, we should jump straight to the point and explain what is the crucial difference between betting and gambling. In general terms, both words seem to point to the same meaning, and in fact betting is a particular form of gambling. There is, however, a crucial difference between these words: you see, gambling of any kind is usually not a legal activity anywhere in the world, whereas in some countries you can participate in legitimate betting without breaking any law. So what is the difference really, and how can you know if you’re standing in the right side of the law?

Both when it comes to betting and gambling, the concept involves putting some money down against other people while trying to predict the outcome of a certain event. For example, you can tell someone that you bet £100 they can’t eat a family size pizza on their own – technically, this would be illegal to do in most countries since it’s arbitrary and unregulated.

Betting, by contrast, is a type of organized gambling that focuses on predictable outcomes which are independent to the involved parties. The most obvious example would be betting money on the outcome of a particular sports event, something that is legal to do in many countries, provided it’s done through official channels such as your favorite sports betting online brands.

In simple terms, betting is a specific type of gambling that requires a certain order and terms which are clear, predictable, and independent to both parties… as opposed to arbitrary conditions set by one of the parties involved in the bet.

Sports Betting Online is Legal and Fun

Assuming you’ve read through the previous section carefully, at this point you should have a clear notion of what is the difference between gambling. You should also have realized that you should stick to legitimate betting avenues if you want to avoid clashing with the law. There are hundreds of reliable and trustworthy sport bookers operating all over the Internet, so if you’re a big adept of legitimate Sports bet in the UK you should be able to find a bookie that suits you right.

All legitimate sports betting websites are real world businesses that operate fully within the scope of the law. For this reason, you may not always be allowed to join a certain website if you’re visiting from a country that has specific regulations against sports betting. You don’t have to worry too much about that, since all sports betting websites will quickly inform you if you’re eligible to join.

Learning Sports Betting Tips Will Improve Your Winning Odds

If you want to increase your winning edge when gambling online at sports betting casinos, we recommend two areas of study. First and foremost, you should be quite familiar with the teams you’re planning to bet money on (or against). Ideally, you should have in-depth knowledge of their performance through the current season, including the status of all the major players. The more background information you have, the more educated your betting will be – which means that your odds of winning will rise in proportion to your knowledge.

Asides from being well versed in your favored major sport and its current teams and players, you will be in a much better position to win money at sports betting if you have a solid understanding of statistics. You don’t really have to be a math genius since all sports betting websites do the math for you, but it’s absolutely useful to have an intuitive knowledge of the chances assigned to each event so you can cross reference your hunch with the official game statistics.

For the casual player, sports betting may feel somewhat like playing the lottery with their favorite teams. For the advanced sports bettor, it’s more about doing deep analysis and making careful predictions, which when done right can pay off big money.

Everyone Loves A Sure Bet – That’s Why They’re So Hard To Find

If you’re a betting fan then the chances are you’ve heard of arbitrage betting. This type of betting is also known as ‘sure betting’, and simply means a bet that you are guaranteed to profit from. Due to the nature of this type of bet, they aren’t easy to come by, it isn’t in the interest of the bookmakers to publicise these bets. However, they are out there and some people are making decent returns by following this betting method.

How Does Sports Arbitraging Work?

An arbitrage bet is a type of bet where simultaneous outcomes of an event are all bet on at once, leading to a profit. Arbitrage betting works when there is discrepancy between odds allowing a profit to be made when all outcomes are covered. These type of odds usually only occur when an error is made in a pricing market, or when a number of bookmakers offer different odds. Some gamblers may be against this type of betting as it takes a lot of fun out of the gambling thrill, but arbitrage betters aren’t usually casual gamblers. Most arbitrage betters are not interested in what they are betting on and instead use the strategy to simply make money.

Arbitrage betting is perfectly legal but frowned upon by many online betting sites. As betting sites can ban or restrict accounts without having to give a reason, regular arbitrage betters may be caught and have their accounts closed.

Sports Arbitraging – How To Compare Odds Online

To become successful in the world of sports arbitraging it is important to know how to compare odds online. There are a number of websites that offer odds calculation software that calculate odds and returns on arbitrage bets. Some gablers choose betting exchange sites to protect their main betting accounts. With a betting exchange, money is made on commission regardless of whether a customer wins or loses, therefore customers won’t lose their accounts or have restrictions placed on them for arbitrage betting.

Is There Money To Be Made In Sports Arbitraging?

While arbitrage betting is far from a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, many people do make a substantial return on investment. Regular arbitrage betters usually yield between 10 and 15 percent on their investment each month. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at arbitraging as a steady investment opportunity as opposed to something that will make you a lot of money with minimal effort. Like all investments, patience is key, arbitraging is best described as a low-risk investment, but you won’t get rich quickly from it, even if you have a large initial investment.

How Much Money Should You Start With?

Like all type of investment, the more money you start with then the more you will earn. Most successful arbitrage betters start with at least £1000, but you can start with less, your returns just won’t be as high but they will add up over time. Some people turn arbitrage betting into a full time job, but to do this you, will need to invest significant money and time.

How Do I Get Started And Find Sure Bets?

Finding arbitrage betting opportunities isn’t easy, which is why it’s best to download special software, or join forums to identify them. Manually identifying your opportunities is very time consuming. If you choose to identify the opportunities manually then your profits will suffer due to the time it will take you to find an opportunity that may only make you £0.45. There are a number of online communities for sure betters where punters share their findings. Forums can usually be found through a search engine, there are also a number of communities on social media dedicated to arbitrage betting.

Tips For Success

  1. Keep track of your transactions, it’s a good idea to create a spreadsheet to monitor your bets.
  2. Always double check the odds before placing any bets.
  3. Keep an eye out for any changes in odds, these often fluctuate prior to the start of a sports game. If you miss any changes then your guaranteed profit can be wiped out entirely.
  4. Keep your investment steady and don’t expect to get rich quickly. Like any investment, making money from sure betting takes time and patience.
  5. Join online forums and social media pages that focus on sure bets. This is a great way to communicate with others that are trying to profit from sports arbitraging, you may also lean some tips and tricks.

If you like sports betting you will love the payout on parlay bets

Since it began in the 19th century, sports betting has taken the world by storm. Every day, people from all over the world make money from placing bets on sportsbooks.

Also known as accumulator betting, parlays are among the most exciting forms of bets. Parlays are for people who want to make HUGE wins, from smaller investments.

What are Parlays?

A Parlay is a type of sports betting that allows you to string multiple single bets into one big one, thereby significantly increasing your potential payout. There are two types of parlay bets:

1. Traditional Parlays. In this case, every selection in your string of bets should win. Otherwise, you lose everything and come out with nothing.

2. Progressive Parlays allow you win some money, even if some of your selections fail.

How to calculate parlay payouts

Assuming there are three games tonight and you wish to bet on all of them, a total of £150.

  • Black Vs White
  • Red Vs Blue
  • Green Vs Yellow

You have the choice of placing individual bets or stringing the three of them together to make one big bet. Using the payout odds we have assigned below, we will see the difference between individual and accumulator bets.

  • Black -110
  • Red -110
  • Green -110
  • White +110
  • Blue +110
  • Yello +110

If we place individual bets of £50 on Teams Black, Red and Green and they all win, we will make £45.45 on each, which amounts to £136.35

If we place a Parlay bet, with the same odds and results, we will make a profit of £893.69!

Name of Parlay bets

The first accumulator bet must consist of two predictions and is called a double. A parlay that consists of three selections is called a treble. From then onwards, the name of the accumulator bet corresponds with the number of selections.

Advantages of Accumulator betting

  • If you manage to win a parlay, the payout will be several times higher than in individual bets. Since the risks are higher, sportsbooks calculate payouts for accumulator bets to favour whoever wins in all games.
  • You get major bragging rights if you do win. Parlay bets are thrilling and extra difficult to win. Plus the amount won in the accumulator bet is usually big enough to make you appear in some news.

Disadvantages of accumulator bets

By now, the main con of parlay bets is pretty obvious. Assuming that you placed £50 on 10 games as one bet in a traditional parlay and you win 14 but lose 1, you will lose your £50 and go home with nothing.

Beginners and better with a gambling mindset do not receive much success from parlays because they do not have a practical understanding of risks and odds. By the time they realise that the big payout comes with skill and precision, they are already out of bankroll.

Important things to note about accumulator bets

At first, you might think that parlays must have different odds. However, the payouts are just the same as individual bets. Do not be confused, what we mean is, the payouts in a parlay are correct, for the odds of the games. Technically, it is challenging to win three games in a row, that is why the payouts are significantly higher.

For example:

Using our earlier example ( Black, Red and Green teams), we will prove that parlays are calculated at true odds.

  • Black -110
  • Red -110
  • Green -110

If we convert the odds into decimal points, we get 1.91. To get the odds of a parlay bet, we have to multiply all the odds.

1.91 x 1.91x 1.91 = 6.967

If we use our initial bet of £150 and odds of 6.967, we receive £1045.05. After subtracting the £150 investment, our profit is £895.05. Our example proves that sportsbook does not put in more money in accumulator bets.

Tips to help you win accumulator bets

  • Ensure that you know your sport and teams well.
  • The fewer selections you make, the better.
  • Shop around for different bookmakers.
  • If you can find a sportsbook that offers progressive Parlays, bet on it.
  • Before placing a bet, ensure that you are well informed about the different markets.
  • Do not bet with your emotions.

Remember, you must be able to calculate parlay odds, in addition to all the tips we have given you.

Maximise sports betting profits with the Kelly Criterion

The world of online betting is populated by account holders who are every day, searching for the best strategy. If the Kelly Criterion Strategy is not on your list, it is about time you add it. When it comes to betting the most common challenge that players face is, how does one ensure that they place stakes so correctly that wins will be ‘big’ and losses will be ‘small’?

What is the Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy?

We use this strategy in betting, to calculate the highest and lowest probabilities of winning and losing. Although it sounds like all other strategies, it is significantly different and more complex. Why? The Kelly Criterion helps to determine how much you should place a winning bet and increase the value of the returns, as well as the amount you should stake on a game that you are not so sure of winning.

The Kelly Criterion Strategy is used to balance the equation of risk and reward.

Players who have mastered the math behind the Kelly Criterion can say that the strategy has helped them to determine the optimal size of their bets. The advantages of using the Kelly Criterion are evident over time when players realise that the fraction of won bets equals the probability that any bet will be a win.

The Kelly Criterion maximises your advantage and minimises your risk by taking the available value and the size of your bankroll into account.

Kelly Criterion betting in sports

With all the math involved, you could be wondering how it will apply when betting in the world of sports, where there have never been two exact games. So, how can you use the Kelly Criterion to calculate probabilities in the sports industry?

It is extremely difficult to determine the exact probability that a certain sport- bet will win, especially if you are basing your argument on personal opinions.

How to calculate Kelly Criterion

To calculate Kelly Criterion betting strategy, you have to understand, master and practise the formula, which is:

(bw – l) /b = f

‘b’ is the multiple of your money, which you can win from the bet. With decimal odds, the value of ‘b’ is equal to the odds, minus 1.

For instance, a £10 bet at 5.00 gives a return of £50, including the initial amount. Therefore, the total amount of money won is £40 or a multiple or 4 (based on the principal amount).

‘w’ is the probability of the bet winning, meaning that a bet with a 30% chance of going your way has 0.30 probability of winning.

‘l’ is the probability that your bet will lose.(Using the example above and assuming there are no ties) if you have 30% chances to win, it means that there is a 70% chance of losing. Therefore, the probability of losing is 0.70. You can also determine ‘l’ by subtracting ‘w’ from 1.

‘f’ is the solution that provides you with the fraction of your bankroll that should be used to place your desired bet.

If we use the values from our examples, our equation will look like this:

( (4 x 0.30) – 0.70)/4 = 0.125

Based on this example, you should bet 12.5% of your bankroll on your chosen game.

Positive Expected Value in the Kelly Criterion Strategy

When the probability of a bet winning is more than the implied probability of the odds, we say that there is a Positive expected value. For instance, if the odds are two and the implied probability of you winning is 0.50 or 50% but you still believe that the bet has over 50% chances of winning, it means the bet has a positive expected value.

Rules of using Kelly Criterion

It is important to be keen when using the Kelly Criterion in sports betting. It is advisable to only make bets in games with a positive expected value. Value is not constant in sports, with people differing on views and analysis. However, before placing a bet, you should always ensure that the odds are high enough to make up for the risk of losing.

The Kelly Criterion will help you to balance the odds of winning and the risks of losing as you bet on your favourite games. If there is no positive expected value, your formula will return a negative which means it is not a good bet to make.

What are the pros and cons of in-play (live) betting?

The world of gambling has undergone drastic changes in the recent past, thanks to the internet. The fact that people can gamble and play games using the world wide web is a massive development. Even though online gaming might be relatively new, it has experienced significant changes since its inception. Online casino standards were not even close as to what we see today. The games, the casino software, playing styles and overall experience of online gambling have immensely improved especially in the last five years.

One of the notable developments, however, is in the field of sports betting. Online sports betting has grown incredibly popular among gamblers worldwide, and this has seen the introduction of thousands of online betting sites. Due to this immense competition, each and every casino has been trying every tactic possible to get the attention of customers. One of the things that were introduced was Live Betting, also known as in-play betting.

Contrary to the norm, where bettors place their wagers before the games have started, Live Betting enables them to place bets while the game is in session. It not only increases your chances of winning, but it is also incredibly exciting. Sports enthusiasts who value their money, this is the best option to go for. It gives sharp bettors a huge advantage of sportsbooks since it is easier to predict the outcome of a match you are watching than the one that has not yet kicked off. However, before indulging in live betting, let’s take a look at how live betting works and the advantages it offers.

Live Betting Explained

As mentioned above, Live betting involves placing online wagers for sports games that are currently taking place. It functions more or less like traditional sports betting in every other aspect including types of wagers, payment modes and selecting bets based on what you think will happen. However, the odds differ as the game continues. This depends on the time remaining, goals scored, cards given out and any other major event that might affect the outcome of the match. When you place a wager, you will get a fixed odd at that time, and your winnings will be calculated using that odd.

Types of wagers

In-Play betting introduces some new types of betting selections that would not be possible in traditional sports betting. These bets include goal scorers, the next team to score, the time of the next goal, time of next booking among others. These wagers differ from one casino to another, but it is possible to find some that are similar among several casinos.

Odds in In-Play Betting

Bookmakers adjust odds regularly depending on the direction the game is taking. You might find that as a football match starts, the odds were: 1.80: 3.5: 3.90, and this means that the home team is the favourite to win the match. However, if the away team scores first, that means that the home team’s chances of winning the match have reduced, and now the away team is the favourite. In that instant, the odds changes to something like 2.90: 3.5: 2.10. It is therefore very crucial for one to be keen on the events taking place in the match since they dictate the betting odds.

Advantages of Live Betting

Live betting is suited to increase the winning chances of the bettor. It has several advantages over traditional sports betting, and when maximum attention is paid to it, it can prove to be a great value for your money. One of the biggest advantages of in-play betting is the additional types of bets. They not only provide more opportunities to consider but also enhance the betting experience. When a bettor is given a chance to bet on the time of the next goal, for example, it will keep him on the alert and fingers crossed as he waits for that particular minute. You will also find that these bets have a higher odd than usual bets thus you can make more money if you win.

Also, being able to bet as you watch a game increases your chances of making a correct decision. Due to your previous experience, you can be able to predict the outcome of a match when you see the intensity of the match, the formation of the team, or if by any chance a favourite player gets an injury during the game. For example, in football, if a defender is given a red card, you can easily predict that that particular team can rarely win the match.

Another advantage of in-play betting is the constantly changing odds. Live betting odds offer more value as the game proceeds, which give you the advantage of making more money out of your bet. Sports bettors have gained a real edge of bookmakers using this option. Also, as odds changes are dependent on events taking place in the match, you might find that the bookmaker’s predictions are not correct, and if your instincts tell you otherwise and bet on the higher odd, you can make a big profit.

Disadvantages of live betting

No doubt, everything has its good and bad sides. Live betting can prove to be more emotional and a bit hard to control. When you lose your cool, you will find it hard to process decisions intelligently, and this might lead to you losing.

Similarly, live betting needs quick action. Therefore you don’t have time for match analysis.

Another disadvantage is that you have to be watching the game. It is hard to predict an outcome in a live bet if you are not concentrating and watching the game.

In conclusion, Live-Betting demands considerable expertise and fast analysis tactics. You could be significantly disadvantaged if you are a slow bettor or new to the betting scene. Thus, it is recommendable you take time to learn live betting strategies and consider starting out with minimum stakes to avoid high losses. Other than that, ensure that your internet connection is fast and reliable since a delay of few seconds can lead to great inconvenience. Also, choose to bet live games from a reliable and reputable sportsbook and on that offers a variety of wagering options.